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maybe the menu will make you RSVP for this Sunday June 20th

Summer FUNdraiser number one – This Sunday June 20th. If you do not have the address already you gotta email me and RSVP and i will send it to you. its just that simple. Even better, join the mailing list today, and get updates for every event. Click Here to Join today!

If you haven’t already RSVP’ed its important you do right away to reserve your spot. You can skip the list all together and send me a note via email here and I will send you directions etc.

Well, now that i’ve cleared that up, heres whats on the menu for this sunday’s Gala event. the FUN starts at 6:30, and i’ll be serving up a All-you-can-eat style evening of Pizzas. $20 bucks gives you unlimited access to the following pizzas!

for the meat lovers: Molinari Pepperoni and Crimini Mushroom with fresh Basil (from the garden) and Roasted Pasilla peppers

A spicy Sausage selection with Roasted habaneros and bell peppers

Proscuitto and Fig with feta and red onion (limited supply)

and for the Veggie minded: Cheddar and Zuchinni slices with Sun dried tomato and peppers or mushrooms.

And for the 420/dessert club, a toasted Blueberry galette hot and fresh from the smoldering embers. If I get my act together i may make a Green apple version too!

all of this while Spike Lee’s Classic Do the right thing plays on the outdoor movie setup. movies start at 8:00 or whenever it gets dark enuff.

So, please RSVP today if you can make it! hope to see you all here!

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