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New Pizza videos posted on Youtube!

I finally got around to posting some vids from my birthday party. I was pretty toasted by the time the first pizza actually got into the oven. I recall some tequila and some other stuff floating around. I also recall not eating enough. But that’s another story, this is about the new videos!

Just uploaded tonight, we have the very first Pizza to come out of the new oven. Seriously lacking technique, I proceeded to rip it through the middle and burn the edges a bit. My first pepperoni pizza, aww how cute. All that fat glistening in the overhead light! Yum!

It was quickly whisked off to be cut and served to all, and possibly everyone there got a little bite. My technique quickly improved with the addition of corn meal to the wooden peel. I do believe they are a pizza maker’s ball bearings. The zza’s slide right off onto the oven floor, and help keep them from sticking.

The next few pizzas definitely inspired the CheeseQueen to perform the rarely seen pizza dance. Captured on digital camera in our kitchen, this amazing mating ritual is seldom seen in the wild…. oh my goodness. the things pizza does to people!!!

Stay tuned for more videos!

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