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A Good Start, I can Lift the Trailer hitch!

Ok, this is promising. I was wondering if suddenly the trailer would be harder to lift at the nose and attach to the truck. Well just the opposite is true. It Flips up quite readily, in fact, I may need 2 more wheel chocks (or is it chucks) for the back of the tires, to keep it from taking off in either direction. Because I do believe that once the nose is lifted, away it goes if I’m not careful. OMB can you imagine a runaway pizza oven? I can, and I don’t have enough insurance to say “towanda!” I must be prepared for disaster…

Ok, off to go start the finishing coats and think about decorating. I’ve got all morning to futz around out there. its cold, not too sunny, so the clay won’t dry out as fast today. maybe I can get a little more sculpting in on the fist too. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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