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Almost two years old and still crackin!

(start with the sound of air blowing off the dust…) So its been months now since I sat and wrote a little post. Why is this? well We’ve been busy, and we’re still kind of just one person dealing with all the back end stuff like keeping up blog posts and staying current with our friends and fans, of which we have now accumulated over 500! Sweet! I still marvel at how far I’ve come in the last 12 months, and how far we’ve traveled with the Pizza oven, logging over 9000 miles of back and forth across the greater Bay area and beyond. We’ve been spotted as far south as Los Altos, as far east as Concord and Pleasanton, snuck in and around Marin a few times, been seen all over Oakland and Berkeley, and have even managed to pop up in San Francisco twice this year! We’re havign a great time, but I fear the worst. What if I break my money maker?

But James, how can it Break? its Concrete and steel, tried and true elements of the Modern age, proven to withstand the test of time, weather and travel. Wrong. The oven is totally breakable, and in fact has been Cracking up ever since the first time i fired it. I remember that first time like it was yesterday. We were at the Institute of Mosaic Art, christening the oven and celebrating 5 years of the studio’s existence. About three hours into it I heard a big “Crack-boom” like sound from somewhere in the chimney. I was like, oh is this how its gonna be? Well that little crack was no big deal then, but after dragging the beast around from Bumpy street to bumpy freeway to speed bumps, over curbs and into strange parking lots, the wear and tear is worn and torn. The oven has to be tarped now in the rainy times, and theres more surface cracks and pitted holes on it than Joan River’s Face has wrinkles. Its time to start thinking seriously about 2.0. before 1.0 goes Pfffft.

After talking with friends and allies, we’ve given it a lot of thought and we are in the process of building trailer number two. I am working on a new design, that will be bigger and better than number 0ne, hoping to enlarge the cooking surface by one foot all around, thus increasing our output volume to maybe like 35-40 pizzas per hour. We are currently seeking yard space for Cement mixing, welding and Building, and we’ll probably need that space for 2 months. We’ll be contacting all of our friends in the Industry to see where we can build a new oven. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way!

In the meantime, come and grab a slice while we still can serve em hot and fresh! Hope to see you all out there this summer!

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