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April showers have brought us May Flour! An exciting month for FOF

Hello friends, this May promises to be pretty darn exciting for Fist of Flour. We’ve got a couple great events lined up that you won’t want to miss, plus we’ll be making our usual stops at the Laurel Farmer’s Market and Sacred Wheel Cheese shop. Visit the Calendar of Events page for all the latest details and bookmark it today!

First stop this month is the Oakland Art Murmur this Friday, May 6th. We’ll be serving up the Fruitvale Special with Chorizo, corn, shallots, and pasilla puree, for the Carne-vores, and for the vegetarians, we’ll be making something yummy with mushrooms and garlic. We’ll have 75 pizzas on hand and when they’re gone, they’re gone, so come early and grab yourself a slice.

Next stop will be the Laurel Farmer’s market Saturday May 7th, morning after show, with unshaven pizza maker James at the helm for the 10am till 2 pm shift. Laurel Community Farmer’s Market, 4200 MacArthur at the giant Burger parking lot near high st. its always a party over there next to the car wash, come hang out and see for yourself. Organic Produce a plenty, slices to go, and Besto pesto, Oakland’s hottest vegan pesto spread alongside the Oakland Food Connection’s Dry goods and info booth. Plenty of parking and no lines. Try a different market this weekend away from the lake!

Now, Yes I’m out all the time, yes you can catch me in a lot of places over on this side of the bay, but if you ever, ever think of coming to one of my events, or something I’m involved in, then Friday, May 13th is Your lucky Day! I’m talking to you San Francisco, all you lazy asses who haven’t made it across the bridge since I don’t know, since they reopened it in 1989? Well this one is for you. First time ever Nomadic Pizza throwdown is happening live on the streets of San Francisco, in front of Coffee Bar in the fabulous Mission District. Fist of Flour will be representing the 510 with something ground shaking, going up against some true street pizza veterans, Pizza Politana, my inspiration, and possibly my biggest competitor? I have never formally met Joel or Naomi, but I’ve tried their pie. Casey’s Pizza, and his crazy ass dueling 100K BTU Weber BBQs, how those things just don’t liquify under that heat is beyond me, and Coppertop Ovens, whom I have to admit, I have not yet encountered at all. They could be my sleeping giant. So this proves to be pretty freaking Hot, to say the least. Proceeds go to benefit the Japan relief effort, and the winner gets to brag about it. All in good fun, I’m looking forward to it.

The pizza train will be pulling into the Temescal Saturday morning May 14th, for the day shift on our Second Saturdays at the Sacred Wheel Specialty Market. This week, we’ll try something new and arrive a little earlier, and serve pizzas till about 4 or 5 o’clock, depending on how things go. I’m sure Jena is already thinking about what we should serve up for this day, especially if I win in SF’s pizza Battle royale, with lots of cheese.

And Finally, FOF will roll out May 15th, yes we are doing a triple header. We will roll out to the Manifesto Bicycle Anniversary Party from 1 pm till 6 or 7 pm, we’ll be onsite for the festivities. Check their Facebook event for all the greasy details. It will be Spoketacular!

Well ok, not quite finally. But finally May 21st, Shorty is getting disassembled! That’s right, Shorty’s going in the shop for Paint! and I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it. I’m about to shoot my wad and i think you’re gonna like it. Once this van gets all dialed in, there will be no stopping us. My buddy and I and a small team will take Shorty apart in the driveway, (sorry Nad) and we’ll undoubtedly have stuff strewn across the neighbor’s yard (Sorry Karin and Ro) and we’ll get her ready for Primer and body work. While I’m traveling in England, Pete’s gonna swoop her up and take her off to San Mateo and do weird things in a proper spray booth. I told my neighbors that Shorty will be getting taken so we should be all good. When I get home, I want to be blindfolded, and I want to see a shiny new lookin bus in the driveway. Cuz when I get back, it will be June, and it will be time again for second Saturdays over in the Temescal again, June 11, and we’ll have Shorty’s unveiling party there.

So there you have it, the latest news for this Fine May month for Flour. Fist of Flour that is.

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