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BOB Fest in full swing, Menus announced for the Finale @Linden st. Brewery!

Hello friends, The BOB Fest is here this week and its in full swing. Theres still a few nights left to go out and catch your favorite punk bands rocking it out all over oakland, check the BOB Fest website for complete listings and times. Don’t blow your wad before this sunday though, because Fist of Flour and Guerilla Grub will be bringin it to you, alongside Linden st. Brewery, 95 Linden st. From 2-6 pm this Sunday! Just a $6 admission gets you in all day!

Entertainment from Cyclecide Bike Rodeo & Rides, Linden Brews, Guerilla Grub and Fist of Flour serving food all day. Bands begin at 3 pm and go till 7.

Bands Confirmed: Hummpa “live” (OAKLAND), Undead Boys (OAKLAND), Moses (OAKLAND), CYCLECIDE Bike Rodeo, & Los Banos Band (OAKLAND), The Can Cannibals (OAKLAND)

In keeping with the Punk theme of the week, We have created a special menu I think you’ll all get a Bite out of!

Our First Pie is the D.R.I Pie! the D.R.I. comes with Dinosaur Kale, Roasted Red pepper Pureé, and Italian Pork Sausage. We can make it a veggie pie too, by substituting Italian Crimin Mushrooms. With Red sauce and mozzarella cheese and finished with fresh basil.

Our second Pie is called “God Save the Greens” and she features a blueberry Balsamic Reduction, Arugula, Goat Cheese, and Shallots, and a drizzle of my housemade Basil garlic olive oil. No red sauce and maybe a dash of Mozzarella to hold it all together. If i get my act together i should also have a healthy supply of Crumbled Smoked Bacon to add to this pie, creating a Fourth Mouth watering option for you to ponder.

And if that were not enough we will be offering a limited number of “Cheesus Fucking Slices” for the budget conscious punx, a $4 Cheese slice and a San Pellegrino soda combo pack. no substitutions, just a slice and soda. Yeah. Plus an organic Mixed greens salad will also be available with a blueberry balsamic Dressing. There will be some sort of Slice an Salad special, prices TBA.

So if you do anything this sunday, start it off right and Come get some lunch on Linden St. 2-6 pm

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