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Damn, another month, another Op/ed Blog! FoF keeps on rollin

I’ve probably started a few posts like this by saying, I am blown away by the public response to our pizzas! Already a week into October, and things are moving right along here at FoF headquarters. We just finished up a weekend of gigs, a mix of public and private ones, and things are steady. Phone and email ringin off the hook! Everywhere we go and set up, we just keep hearing how cool it is, how good it is, and how just frickin dope our set up is. I’m starting to believe the hype, but I cannot lose touch of reality. We are a small operation delivering a high quality product in limited supply for a short period of time each week. IF you catch us, you can catch lightning in a bottle. Oh wait, this is a a blog. and I’m writing it.

I can’t help but be stuck on what Customers, folks are saying every time we go out. Our pizza is delicious and unique. it’s ready in a relatively short amount of time, even with a two person crew, and its consistently good. I frickin love pizza, but theres a big problem here in America with Pizza. its too thick, too greasy, too salty, too, Blahhhhh. too overwhelming. In fact, a few weeks a go I went to a place i consider to be good family style american pie, and well we ordered wrong. or those kids workin back there were too heavy handed. It was awful, I gagged actually taking a bite of a Pepperoni, mushroom and olive pizza. there were more ingredients on that one bite than there are on most of my pizzas. I’m omitting the name of this place because i know it was mostly our fault for ordering a three topping pie, but some of the blame has to lay on the hands making it. and when it got to me, I was like ohhh dang. gross, and I do not use that term lightly when it comes to pizza.

I’m hoping that by going out every week, making thin crust, high quality pizza on the streets, that I start to change peoples ideas about pizza. I’m not sure how the other guys do it, making greasy, tasteless junk over and over again. I cannot duplicate this process, I have tried to increase the orange grease that oozes from a good NY slice, but I can’t make it run all over my arm. Thank goodness! we are all too fat, and need to eat less, and more healthy alternatives. If you’re gonna carb up, shouldn’t it at least be Darn good? I believe so, I think so, and I make it so. Every week. Come find us, and try for yourself. Pizza to the people.

did I forget to mention we are now selling The brand new OMFG Bumper stickers for $2 each at select events. It says “OMFG street food is not a crime” and is a message to city hall, and anyone listening. Our city needs change and it needs that change soon. sure street food is not going to eliminate crime or prostitution, but it may help create jobs, and give folks a healthy new alternative to fast food here in our great city. its certainly not going to Increase crime. Hell it may actually promote neighborhood awareness and give folks a chance to come out and meet over a light dinner or a quick street snack. sorry step back two feet, what is the OMFG you ask? The OMFG is a group of oakland based street food enthusiasts working hard to change the face of street food in oakland. We need your support. Following last week’s article in the East Bay Express, a few of us got together and came up with the idea. your 2$ goes towards promoting the street food culture here in Oaktown, and helps us pay for flyers, stickers, and promotional materials about our upcoming events. you can purchase them at upcoming FOF events. Check our calendar for the latest schedule! see you on the streets.

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