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Double header, never better

Hello, well its now tomorrow, no longer yesterday. I’m still awake, winding down from my first official double header Saturday. Amazing really, that I’m still awake. I’ve known for a long time that the life of a baker of breads keeps early hours. the life of a mobile catering/food trailer cart kitchenette thing with a crazy oven on it, keeps a little more realistic hours, like 7:40 am and my gray matter like dough brain starts rising. Yesterday I heard the coffee pot start brewing. I finally slept past the auto brew cycle and let it do its 5 beeps before i started thinking about not petting my cat for another 10-20 minutes or however long auto kitty pet the hand keeps grinding away at my still asleep body part that has to wake up and get the coolers loaded and into the truck for the day’s Burn. My hands are numb, brain on high alert, as always on a Big day.

Big day being two back to back gigs. The second gig benefits from the first in that I arrived at Sacred Wheel Cheese shop with a hot oven and a truckload of dough. Ready to go essentially at 3:30. I re-lit the fire off the hot coals still in the beast from my morning fire at the Laurel Farmer’s Market and we were back up to 850°F in no time. I checked the heat at one point last night and it was well over 1100° at the ceiling and we definitely burned a few edges my friends. This did not deter the steady stream of snack happy Cheese shop Fanatics that came through all evening from buying up slices, supporting local businesses and their friends. We made some crazy stuff folks, I gotta tell ya.

Here’s what you missed. I made a good quart of Blueberry Balsamic Reduction a couple days ago, and we put it to good use. With some lovely Goat Cheese from Cypress Grove, some Pancetta from Jena, a little fresh pile of Arugula, and dashed with carmelized Shallot and Red Onion, We lit some taste buds up along with our Seasoned almond firewood filling the night sky with the aroma of something enticing, inviting and down right yummy. That was the blueberry hill special, which due to the quantity of Blueberry reduction I now possess, will be on the menus again, rest assured. Next time with Applewood smoked bacon, perhaps the laurel market is ready for such things. it is not known.

Also on our menu tonight was a really nice smoked Blue cheese with aforementioned Blueberry madness, the shallot onion mix and the pancetta, with hot/sweet red pepper rings. slight variation on the theme of Jena handing me stuff to bake at 900°. gotta love sacred wheel. I just had a leftover slice of that warmed in my toaster oven cuz i’m too tired to take a tray outside and warm it up in the trailer oven, which I bet is still at 500+ degrees. I made a new door yesterday and Bonus, It stayed In place all the way today around town. sweet.

Ok, its 12:34 on my clock. this post is over. today was fun, See you all next time, check my calendar page to stay on top of events! thanx

pizza to the people.

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