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Experiments on the Alameda Navy Base: Fist of Flour in the Zone!

This weekend was an experiment, to see how people would react to a mobile pizza truck just showing up, with no signage, no announcements outside of Facebook and twitter, and a couple dozen Fresh Calzones! I’d have to say it went pretty well. The weather was not top notch, so the Skatepark out on the point at the Alameda Navy base was less than bustling for a Sunday morning. The possibility of light rain also deterred many a cement surfer to this isolated spot, overlooking the bay and SF Beyond. But those who came were duly rewarded. I told myself I’d get out there by 9:30 and get that fire going, because I knew my peeps in the “Geezer Squad,” a collection of cobbled together 35-55 year old skaters who think they still got what it takes to kick the grom’s butts in the bowls, would be bailing out by 11:30 or so to get on with their sundays. I was running late.

Set up for busines at the skatepark

10:30 and I pulled in to the parking lot, and aligned myself on the slab so it would not be so obvious from the street. I actually wanted to hide the trailer a bit from the street, just in case. But I think its cool, for now. No hassles, and happy customers. I did get a few strange looks from passers by, and the brave few who came up on their own were quite satisfied! By 11:15 the oven was hot enough to start finishing the calzones I had par-baked the night before. Its true, I normally sell Pizza, but I thought testing the waters with some pre-made food would b easier on the One man team of Me.

I did not want to go through all the trouble to set up multiple tables, umbrellas, etc, so I kept it real simple. If I was going to get in trouble, I’d be ready to pull out within just a couple minutes. Plus most skaters are cash poor, so the smaller hand held calzones would be easier to move. I was right! $6 dollar donations fed 20 people, and by 2 pm, the fire was dwindling and I had just two calzones left. I was tired, and ready to bail. So I heated up the last two, tried once more to sell them, and finally ate one myself, and gave one away to a couple folks who looked like they needed it more than I needed $6…Packed up, and drove my ass home. A good day had ended.

As I left the Webster tube, my phone was ringing, unknown caller, I thought eh, I’m driving. But they called back a few minutes later, so I answered this time. A woman’s voice on the other end said to me, where are you calzone man? You’ve gone! We came back hoping to get more food but you’ve left, please tell us you’re just around the corner. Sorry I replied, I’m on my way home to rest up and think abotu the next time. I said, check my blog, become my friend on facebook, or follow me on twitter, and you’ll always know where I’m going to be! thanks and I appreciate your business!

So, that’s about how the day ended. a satisfied customer already clamouring for more. needless to say my job was done, the seeds of calzones have been planted in Alameda, and I will be coming back to do it again! soccer moms gotta eat too you know! Stay tuned, follow me, find me. Eat me!

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