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fistofflour now available on Facebook!

OMG thats right, this ol curmudgeon, who resisted for so many months, has finally given into peer pressure, and started a Facebook account. You can now connect with me on Facebook. Yes, I said it. its true.

Click fistofflour and become my friend. Its amazing, I just signed up this afternoon, and already, 20+ friends. hmm. Go figure. I know, old news to the seemingly rest of the world, but a significant day for me nonetheless. I sit here and watch as the emails come in. Stopping that is my next priority, that’s for sure. Its always about the preferences, isn’t it? Check this, change that, update this, file that. Fuck man. I don’t know how anyone gets anything done anymore. I have so many passwords for sites I visit once, I can’t remember half of them. Well may this be the First of the Last online identities I own in this new millennium.

I don’t promise to be on top of my facecrack either. I’ll check it when i check it. Eventually I’ll post a sidebar link or something. I cannot be bothered right now.

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