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FoF Weekend Update #2 this past weekend in L.A.

comin into los angeles

Update 10.25.10: Dan finally sent me a link to some good photos from the day, so you can check them out here Fist of flour on flikr. The kids had a great time making their own pizzas! Check it out.

Hi all, just got back from L.A. Took Shorty and the oven down to see my old friend and roommate Dan, to celebrate his daughter’s 3rd Birthday. I think its safe to say the trailer has now been officially road-tested. This trip was about 680 miles round trip, and aside from tired eyes and arms, everything went well.

The trailer survived, no NEW cracks in the oven, and none of the current cracks appear to have gotten bigger, so that’s nice. The van tows straight and true. It was slow going over the grapevine, Shorty got real real hot too. I thought for sure the thermostat was gonna bust right thru the hood. I watched the road, I watched the Temp gauge, and had to turn the heater on. Mind you it was about 90° going through the desert mountain landscape. Freakin hot! But we made it, both ways.

Eagle rock was a nice little spot. Dan and Julie have a nice little house and a sweet yard, good driveway for Pizza cookin. Got the oven fired up around 9:15 am Saturday morning, and made preparations for the Baby invasion. We got them all together around 11:30 and I rolled out a bunch of little pies, and we set them out in front of the kids. Armed with plastic spoons and their bare hands they attacked the unsuspecting dough and slathered on the sauce. some of them were getting the hang of it, and some needed assistance, but they were happy little campers. one by one we tossed the pizzas into the oven and watched them bubble up. big cheers. by 1 pm it was nap time for the little ones and we started making the “adult” pies with toppings! kids just like cheese. They may have something there, because a truly good pizza should be able to stand alone with just cheese, sauce and dough! Fist of flour stands tall!

best question of the day came from Mia, the birthday girl, ” Jim, why is your pizza so good?” I told her, ” Because its made with Love, lots of it.”

A very happy Birthday for Mia

So to all you parents up in the Bay area, if you have a driveway or a way to get the oven close to your yard, you should consider a Pizza party for your own little ones! I guarantee a birthday they will never forget.

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