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FOF Weekend Update, First Farmer’s Market and Skatepark Adventures

(I started writing this a week ago, so forgive me, its been Busy…)

Hello all, well its taken a few days for me to try and recover from this past weekend and I’m ready to write. October 2nd marked the first time I set up at a farmer’s market, and things went as expected. Our neighborhood has a new-ish, very small Market that happens every Saturday, right up on MacArthur Blvd., near High St. at the Giant Burger parking lot. Its run by the Oakland Food Connection (OFC), a non profit based right next door to the market space in the Laurel District. OFC promotes nutritional awareness, access to healthy foods and the connections between people and the planet. Check out their website for more information here:

They are really cool, and have a good thing going up there. We just need to drive more people to the marketplace. There’s people in them hills, and we need to spread the word. There’s currently two produce vendors, J&P organics is the main one, selling all the seasonal basics, and there’s more of a specialty farmer from Stockton who comes up and has a wide eclectic selection of greens and squash worth checking out. OFC’s booth sells fresh herbs and has lots of information available on nutrition and home farming. The Purple Lawn Cafe is run by volunteers and local youth, serving up seasonal menu items from the farmers at the market. And now they got Pizza! Well at least some of the time. Saturday was great. Sold a bunch of pies and got to play with all of my stuff! FoF had a bunch of folks show up on bikes, and showed that we do have a Possee! Thanks all for coming out. I’ll be back October 30th to do it again…

All set up at teh Laurel Market

I know its not good for business to show up once, and then disappear for weeks on end, but this month is Busy. I would love to go back up this weekend and the next to do more, but my schedule does not allow it this time. I’ve got my first long distance Gig this weekend in L.A., going to Massachusets the following weekend, painting the trailer, and the list goes on. Before I know it, it will be October 30th, and I’ll do the market again. And Come November, I’ll be able to do a couple more weekends. I know I’ve said in previous posts I want to be at the Art Murmur in downtown Oakland, I missed October, but I still have my sights on November. I think I can get in. Gotta start asking around.

Back to business. Saturday was slow, but steady. I rolled out 22 balls, and by 2 pm, I was down to the last three. We, me and Steve, were serving up 3 sizes, $3 quarter slice, $6 half pizza, and $12 full pies. Two options, Meat or veggie. The Cheezini outsold the Pepperoni Mushroom 3-1 all day. Its a huge hit! I’m quite proud of this Pizza cuz this one came right outta my head! I’m pushing for it to become the signature veggie option on my rotating menu. I guess I only have 4-5 solid pizzas right now that are tried and true sellers. But this Cheezini, everyone loves it. Cheddar and Zuchini go really well together, and it really works on a pie! Who knew?

After the market was over, I still had a lot of stuff ready to go, so I headed down to Alameda again, and set up at the skatepark. It was also the Antiques fair that day so I figured I’d do pretty well. A lot of people saw me, but didn’t stop. I did manage to feed all the hungry skaters and sold about 15 pizzas. I did get a couple folks from the market to stop by, so I think if I keep going down there, people will start to come. Next time I’m going to set up out on the main street near the gates, and see what happens. all I can do is try. In trying, I do.

So look for us coming up October 30th, we will be back again at the Laurel Farmer’s market serving up some spooky Halloween pies!


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