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My favorite Pies, Review #1 Patsy D’Amores in L.A.

Welcome to the first series of posts in a brand new section. I travel when I have to, and when I do visit new and exciting cities, I need to eat. Sometimes I actually go to a city just for a slice of pizza, and sometimes its soo good or exceptional in some way I feel the need to record that experience. Who knows perhaps a forum will develop, or people will post comments and share their own. Well lets start blogging and just see what happens.

These events will be posted Chronologically.

Review #1: Dec 26, 2010. Patsy D’Amores Pizzeria, located inside the original LA Farmer’s Market, at the corner of 3rd and Fairfax.

I’ve come to a conclusion. Pizza is awesome. wow I know, that’s not much of a revelation coming from me, but I gotta tell ya there is something truly radical about finding or discovering for yourself a really great slice. I did just that the day after Christmas. We were visiting family and friends in L.A. over the holiday, and we set out for the original “LA Farmer’s Market” which has existed at the same location for over 75 years. The corner of 3rd and Fairfax on the west side has been a happening corner for decades.

It really did start out as a small, community farmer’s marketplace with independent growers and producers selling their wares in the 1930’s, but some very smart developers saw a chance to build permanent stalls and little buildings that would eventually house many of the eateries and establishments that are there today. The surrounding property has seen mixed use, from a ballpark to a parking lot, to a shopping mall for the well-to-do of the west side, the current layout leaves nothing for the imagination. With “the Grove” backing up to the little market now, its pretty darn gross.

But dodge the collagen encrusted Faux-Bourgeoisie milling about the plaza, and you will find yourself in front of Patsy D’Amore’s Pizzeria and pasta house just inside the doorway to the marketplace. The 28″ diameter plastic Sausage pie caught my eye first, mounted right up in front of the name, then I caught a look at their oven. A humongous Gas fired beast, with a painted on or poster facade of Bricks covering it up, the flames roaring in the corner. it was pretty cool, and really freaking huge, deep, dark and Super hot!

The cheese factor was high, and the line was long, so I figured this was the place I would eat. I mean it was a tough call, Moishe’s deli had some amazing looking kabobs and middle eastern plates happening, and Bob’s donuts right next door to Patsy’s well, duh, of course donuts for lunch are perfectly acceptable on vacation, but something pulled me into the line for a slice. Or a whole Pie? Or jeesh, a meatball sub? OMG what to do? it was almost my turn and I still hadn’t really decided. I was for sure hungry and getting more so as I stood there and deliberated. My turn came up and I went for it, one slice of Pepperoni, and one meatball sub. I gotta say, that slice was near perfect. If it had maybe gotten a slight reheat before handing it over it would have been 110{2bcc608746b8120fea6644f9ae3522f13f10aa6a77c573f716eef1394619f5d9}, but it only pulled in a 95{2bcc608746b8120fea6644f9ae3522f13f10aa6a77c573f716eef1394619f5d9} awesomeness rating. The sauce was simple, and clean. the cheese was present, ample, and not too salty. Pepperoni, classic, not Molinari, but not bad. The crust, well that’s where it all really came together. It just has a taste that only a well seasoned Pizza oven can deliver, or so I gather. It’s taste I cannot articulate with words, but it is everything I want a slice to be when I order one. Its the taste I know from childhood, the taste I long for in my own endeavors. Its the perfect balance of salt, yeast, water, flour, heat and experience I haven’t gotten consistently out of my own pizza yet. I suppose therein lies the difference between a 6 month old oven/operator and a 65 year old oven/operator. I don’t know, perhaps its not something I’ll be able to achieve, but I will continue to chase that white rabbit. When I catch it, I will let you know.

I also ordered the meatball sub, and well Patsy, I hate to say it but y’all need some better bread for those amazing meatballs and sauce. It was just a roll, you know, nothing special, very traditional perhaps, plain so as not to detract from the contents. Sorry, I’m a bread man, I love sandwiches almost as much as Pizza, and I gotta say I really should have ordered the 12″ small pizza instead of a slice and sub. The bread killed it for me, Sure I ate it all, quite rapidly I might add, but I wanted “more” of something else. Shoulda gone with my gut…

Next post: This year’s birthday field trip to Tony’s Pizza Napoletana with friends and cash! stay tuned.

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