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My how time flies when you are starting a new business, the 2010 Recap

Well where did 2010 go? I find myself here on the Winter solstice, pondering the events of the last year. Its been a pretty interesting ride for me.

This time last year, I was in full build mode, fresh from the Oven making class, all full of ideas and inspiration. Fist of Flour was a small seed, germinating on the back porch of our house, sucking up the winter’s rains and storing the strength needed to grow and mature into something positive. Much like an infant, the mobile oven appeared on the scene 9 months later, ready to roam the streets looking for festivals, parties and happenings. But we had to grow into this new body, and that would take time. after all, I had never done anything like this before. I am a desk jockey by trade folks, not a chef. What the Hell was I thinking?

Three solid months now under the belted radials of shorty the short bus, the nicks, dings, and chips in the paint of the trailer show we’ve been getting out there! Three solid months now and the oven’s already seen its first Crack repairs. Three different Spark arrests have been made for the chimney, because I keep losing them in the wind. The oven is holding up quite well, I think, considering its a huge mass of concrete and steel on wheels. I’ve already driven it some 2000 miles, from Point Arena in the north, to Eagle Rock down south, and dozens of short trips here around town. Over 400 lbs of flour, salt, yeast, water, and olive oil have passed through my Kitchenaid 600 6-quart Mixer, and its still running strong! We’ve done a couple farmer’s market stops, Dropped lunch bombs on the Institute of Mosaic Art in Jingletown, slung dough on the streets of East Oakland in the pouring rain, slapped sauce up on Adeline St. and this was just in this last month! I have to say its been pretty Awesome!

Why? Because of you, my faithful followers have been coming out showing me I need to do this. Showing me that the Pizzas kick ass, showing me that you are ready to have that wood-fired goodness you just can’t quite get in too many places. Sure, I’m not alone, I was after all Inspired to start this business because I had a Pepperoni Pizza at the Downtown Oakland Farmer’s Market one day last summer. Something so common, so simple, so freakin good. I mean, its Pizza after all.

As ubiquitous as a hamburger and fries was 50 years ago, the Pizza dominates the American Landscape. Every city has Dozens of pie holes, yes, but does every City have one on Wheels? No. Every city has the “best” pizza you’ll ever find of course, ask anyone, and they can name at least 3 places that Rock. Everyone has their Favorite. I decided to bring my Favorite pizza to the people. Its turning out that my favorite pizza is becoming your favorite pizza too. So, from Fist of Flour Pizza Co. I say thank you to everyone who’s come out, everyone who’s braved the storms, everyone who’s told me its awesome, Everyone who’s pushed me forward or helped me get where I am today. I could not and cannot do it without you.

As 2010 passes into 2011, be ready. We are taking a couple weeks off to enjoy the holidays with friends and family, but fear not, We’re going to hit this next year hard! Bookmark us now, follow us on Twitter @fistofflour and stay on top of the latest news. Join the mailing list today and never miss an opportunity to see us in person!

See you in 2011! thanks, James. Fist of Flour Pizza Co.

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