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New pictures for FOF from the Roll Up Bike Joust

Hello friends, last month we set up down at the Vulcan Studios for the Roll Up bike shop’s annual Bike joust and dance party, and a photographer came down to get some pics of us in action for an upcoming article In Edible East Bay. I believe I will be featured in the May issue, in the notable edibles section. Yay, its April so this will be coming out soon and I’m super excited, let me tell you.

Its my first bit of press at all, so lets hope its good one. Reason I’m telling you all this is because the photographer, Stacy Ventura was super nice, and she hung out for a while, and documented the whole process of my making pizzas. not to mention she’s a really good photographer.

I asked her for permission to share this link with you all here. Fist of Flour at the roll up. Take a few minutes to check out the Pics. She got some really good shots. I hope you enjoy them. I know i did.

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