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Not Shavin till we open! it’s Go Time at FOF Headquarters!

I’m not shaving my beard till we open!

Allrighty, some of you have been asking what’s going on here? You may have noticed I decided that shaving was not as important as the project I had embarked on. As a result of the length of time it has taken to make the Doughjo project happen, I have acquired a pretty much full beard. I decided that this would help in hiding my true identity amongst the people of the Laurel District, trying additional distractions like wearing my painting pants to breakfast at Full House Cafe, walking around the neighborhood disheveled and distracted, taking my partner’s car up to the shop instead of one of the vans. But people are onto us! I cannot hide, and I’ve met so many wonderful people over the last few weeks and I can’t wait till we can open!

This is our last update and blog post until we are solid with a date for opening. As of December 20, 2013, The countertops are well under construction, and the stainless work is slated for beginning tomorrow. The additional sinks needed are en route from Kansas (last time I checked the U.P.S. updates), this can be a problem as I used to work for U.P.S.. Many moons ago in a youthful body, over the holidays, it’s a no-holds-barred mentality, every package must ship, no matter what it takes. I fear for our new mop sink’s life “in-transit.” Otherwise, things are really looking good. I’m saying, for the record, soft opening by January 11th or days before. So, please stop asking me. It’s all in the Cards now.

As I mentioned over the facebook posts, my dad drove up to help us paint the place. Now I can say that phase is 98{2bcc608746b8120fea6644f9ae3522f13f10aa6a77c573f716eef1394619f5d9} done thanks to his speed and agility. Several members of the crew also came through to make stuff happen, everyone rocked it and we all ate Giant Burger, and LIKED it. I’ve always known where I got it from, but my Dad comin up and schooling us all on painting helped reinforce that idea. Pops taught me a lot, and I’d like to think I’ve always been learning. That has definitely helped reduce our opening costs, if ever so slightly. Every bit that we can do ourselves helps keep our prices down. From painting to plastering car windows with advertisements, we’re going to let our new neighborhood know that there is a Take-away spot with families and working folks in mind. The ability to stop off and pick up a wholesome meal for dinner will be one of our primary focuses as we move towards opening. Get ready Laurel District and surrounding areas, good pizza is on it’s way!

Stay tuned as our progress continues. Join the mailing list for special happenings and Exclusive invites to our happenings in January. Help us test drive the new flagship location for our operations.

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