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Oh man, am I tired, 56 pizzas in one weekend! Thanks Oakland!

Hi everyone, its Monday morning and I am truly worked. As the title of this posts suggests, this was my biggest Weekend to date! Back to back sunny day events, the Laurel Market on Saturday saw 17 pizzas out the door, and yesterday you all helped consume some 39 Pizzas at the Sacred Wheel Cheese Shop’s Grand opening! Dang, and I woulda cooked more had I brought more! I really hate turning away people, but I simply underestimated the popularity of Sacred Wheel and voracious appetite of the crowd! Lesson learned, when someone runs an ad in the East Bay Express, Be ready, Duh!

If you did come out and you are now reading this, you can tell everyone what you thought of my pizza this weekend on Yelp! Click here to write a review!

All in all the weekend was awesome, because work isn’t hard when you love what you’re doing, not to mention my herniated disks really like standing all day. Yes, I mentioned this a while back after I had an MRI, that two disks have found their way outside their normal position in my body and are causing me great pain while i sit. Sitting, sitting all day at my day job for the last umpteen years and maintaining poor posture and a crappy office chair have caused me to rethink how I work. It was a fortunate coincidence I found myself slipping into as this Pizza thing has been evolving. Now I am doing daily exercises to strengthen my Core, I ditched the crappy chair and swapped it for a Yoga ball, and I’m trying to do more cooking. Standing is great. I can stand all day on my little floor mats with my Earth Shoes, and crank out pizzas. If I do my daily routine, I can also sit a bit and do my desk work, post blogs, and annoy people online all day.

So whats my plan for the future then? Well I’d love to see our little Market in the Laurel District become the next big thing, with new vendors, and new people. I think as the weather gets better and we approach the summer, we will see the market grow. But we need you to come on out! Right now we have JP organics rocking the front corner every week, with unbeatable prices. I’ve been told that Will is coming back in late February/Early March and he will be bringing new veggies, and fresh Strawberry Jams from his family farms in the central valley, so we’ll have two Produce vendors again. I hear he also does some wicked BBQ come summer time. Oakland Food connection’s booth is always bursting with Dry goods for your pantry, with crazy low/reasonable prices on everything from anise seeds to Zatar. Ok actually I didn’t see Zatar, but you get the idea, they have a wide variety of Beans, Lentils, popcorn!, flours, oats/granola, herbs and spices, and last week they had a table full of Fresh organic Kale and oregano from their gardens. Dang. Just need people to come and Buy it all up! Peter Gee is there selling his handmade ceramic goods, bowls, plate sets, really nice stuff, and he also offers Massage at his booth. Toussant and Besto Pesto is there most weekends selling his all organic Vegan pesto spreads, and samples are always flowing from his booth!

Find out what’s missing from the Lakeshore Market – easy parking, no lines, no crowds to fight through, and Fist of Flour Pizza company! Every Saturday, from 10-2. 4200 MacArthur Blvd. In the Laurel district.

See you there.

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