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One year has passed, can you believe it?

It’s hard to think back 12 months, to March 2011, when I finally got my ass down to the city offices with a solid plan to get a business license. Some may recall that I tried a few times earlier in the year to be a legal Street food/mobile food vendor and I was told that wasn’t gonna happen (at least not any time soon – we’re still waiting, Oakland).

I went home, did some more thinking than I had initially done and came back and said, Ok, How about you call me a caterer instead? Why yes Mr. Whitehead, no problem, here you go, cater away! License obtained, DBA Filed, Insurance policies obtained, Commercial commisary, Check! I was in for quite a time. I only had a couple Weeks left before the April Oakland Art Murmur, and my new found foodtruck friends were egging me on to go Legit and vend at the City’s only large scale monthly happening. I had been watching Murmur grow from the sidelines and knew if we could get our shit together in time, we’d Kill it.

As I recall, it damn near killed me. It was a beautiful sunny friday in downtown, and the dough was gettin Hot and sticky from the sun. I wasn’t quite prepared for the onslaught, but figured we had been working enough smaller events, we knew what we were doing, right? With a virgin crew and a shit ton of product, people lined up for Oakland’s Newest Food Truck and we proceeded to sell out, over 70 pizzas cooked in less than 4 hours.

Every month since, we have had pretty much the same experience, but now, after a full year and 10+ art murmurs under our belts, not to mention countless events, catered parties and random happenings across the Bay Area, we move at the speed of Pizza! 25 P.P.H’s is our top speed (pizzas per hour), and we are only limited by the size of our Hole. We roll as a well-oiled machine, pumping out light and fluffy dough layered with a taste explosion for your mouth. If I could shove one more pie in there each time I would, believe me. Until I can figure out the next phase of our business, we will be limited in quantity, but not creativity. Come see us this month at any one of our events and see why people keep lining up all over town to get a taste of Fresh Hot pizzas done right!

Thank you Oakland and greater Bay area for an Amazing first Year of Business! For a guy who just wanted to go make pizza, I think I turned out allright, don’t you agree? I could not do it without the unending support from friends, fans and family! See you soon.

Still rollin Hot! Fist of Flour is Pizza For the People!!!

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