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Progress, progress, progress – Primer and the Flame

It has officially been three weeks, three weeks since we built the oven on the trailer. The oven is now ready to be fired up, and it is also ready for a test drive. Needles to say I am a little excited, and a lot scared shitless. I pretty much know how its going to go down, quickly, from its perch high on the driveway. I did lift the neck the other day and that went well, so it seems well balanced, and I should be able to hook it up myself. At least, that’s the idea.

Ready for the maiden voyage

I’m not sure where I’m going to go, I guess I should try and go uphill first, get that over with. If I burn out the clutch on the first go, well then we know where we stand. If i can get it back up the driveway in reverse, then, that’s all the testing I need to do. Worst case scenario, I may need to ask to borrow my neighbor’s truck to push it back into place. But I seriously think the addition of the lighter insulated floorboards and maintaining a minimum thickness overall will allow me to tow the oven. I’ll find out soon enough. I’m going to video tape it, for posterity. And I’m going to Light it up. Not while its moving of course, that’s a sure fire ticket. But i should roll it down the driveway a bit so I don’t blow up the two houses. I need to light the fire for the next three days to condition it and break it in, and it will be smokey and annoying, and it won’t be a secret any longer. All the neighbors have been sort of looking on, going WTF is this guy doing out there. Some are quite excited, some are curious. Well the wait is over.

I just uploaded a new photo gallery to the facebook page.

You can check out the progress to date. I wish I took a few more pics while we built the oven, but I guess we just worked through it. I was too dirty to grab the camera most of the time. Well I know what it looks like under there. Now the body work is under way, and I’m wingin it, with a good line on supplies from my friend at the auto body shop its shaping up nicely. I’m just painting it really, but there’s a lot of surface rust that needs sanding off, and my hands are getting tired of holding power tools to be quite honest. I’d trade my 5″ orbital sander in for a 14″ peel any day. I can’t wait till this is finished.

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