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R & R is over, time to get to work!

Well, far be it for me to sit still for any given length of time. I honestly do not know how to stop. Even though I did not make a single pizza this weekend, I did cook dinner for my partner and me. Turkey Burgers ala Kofte meatball style, with some “Chips” I guess, tried to double fry some quartered fingerlings, but they got too brown before they got crispy. They were cooked, but not crunchy. Kind of a soggy dog, to be expected from a cast iron pot and a deep fry thermometer I suppose. Tonight we ordered out to Vien-tien Cafe, around the corner from us on 38th st. Really really good peanut sauce, its just the way it should be. You can see it when it comes to your table, the reddish orange oil sort of oozing out all around the surface undulations, you just know that’s going to taste like mmmmm.

The weekend was filled with Fist of Flour madness, mostly with upgrades to shorty’s interior. I was able to procure a matching subwoofer and amplifier that goes with my stereo unit. Managed to install it fairly pro-like on Saturday (all day Saturday), hid all the cords up under stuff, zip tied certain ones into bundles, added a 50 amp Fuse breaker to the engine compartment to keep it from blowing up. Yeah 50 amp. That’s right. Most of the stuff they sell at stores has a 30 amp max rating, but this damn amp calls for 50, so I went down to my other favorite place to spend money (this week) West Marine. Great store, lots of neat things for boating and trailer-ing around. Got the inverter there too a while back, and this week, they had a 5 watt solar trickle charger on sale for $49 bucks, I was like, oh yeah, I’ll take that too, along with a bunch of heavy duty power wire and other random stuff like a 50 amp fuse holder! I did not purchase the $100 boat Light fixtures that switch from red to white. they Look like they would exactly replace the blacked out upper lights on the van, but $100 a piece, yikes. not this week. probably not ever actually. That’s ridiculous.

What isn’t ridiculous is a 600 watt sub, and the possibility of adding one more sub and two more 6×9 rear door speakers. Now the power’s run, I just gotta go buy two more speakers, and viola. Rolling DJ sound system. the Stereo has USB or Aux inputs so, we can hook up anything that can dumb down to a 1/8″ stereo jack. Man, what I would have done for this van 10 years ago when I was going to Burning man. This is it, this is what we needed when I used to be involved with pirate radio. But thankfully this Van has never been on the playa, and the one above help me, I t never sets foot on it, ever. Playa for life man, that shit eats away at everything it comes into contact with, slowly, meticulously, like a cancer. Don’t get me wrong, best damn party this side of the Rockies no doubt, but boy can that Alkalai salt eat away at your stuff. I’ve got things haven’t been to the desert in 8 years still look like I just got back…

So yeah, sub, sound system, and I have added a couple new tables of sorts to the back of the benches. Now everything can be strapped down when we head out on an assignment, or if we’re camping, we have a little table to kind of sit at. Or a nightstand if we’re sleeping in it. Did I mention the 6′ adjustable bed? That’s right, Shorty sleeps two adults comfortably, and both the captain’s chairs recline, so if you have to sleep and sit, Shorty can do that too! If only i painted everything before I put it in there, now i gotta pull it all out at some point and paint all the wood. At least the cooler table has to be dealt with right away, its plywood and won’t last without at least two coats of paint on top of it. Even that may not help the cooler moisture. Better get my Shellack on!

Today was great. I got my taxes done. I know, how many people get to say those two phrases together? Probably not too many. I kept good track of all I spent in 2010 to launch FOF and when the numbers went in, I came out With the IRS owing me money! And that’s a good feeling, especially cuz usually I gots to pay, so today was a good day. Time to get to work. I’ve got a big night coming up this Friday and another Farmer’s market this Saturday, so two more chances right here in East Oakland to Catch us. Check our event page for the latest information! See you this weekend.

I’ll post some pics of the van this week, when there’s more light out!

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