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Reality Bites: The Rising Cost of Making Pizza in an Oil-driven Economy

Hello friends, it is with great sadness I start this week’s blog post. I just got back from doing my weekly supply shopping, and well to be quite honest, My prices are going up, up up.

Let me just get all the bad news out of the way here, effective March 5th, my new market/street prices will be $13 a pie, and $3.50 a slice.

And they will stay there until something in our global Oil-driven economy changes, which unfortunately as we all know, isn’t coming any time soon. With Billions of Barrels in reserve, and an unstable Middle East, the Oil Mongers and Wall Street are speculating its all going to collapse, and well Shit, better get that Dough before the masses blow the lids off half the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Wouldn’t want to slow down our own Crippled Economy here in the U.S., but Ohh wait, When we raise prices at the Pumps, the cost of everything rises. Well, Shit, I just invested in Chevwrong, so I’m good, I’ll just sell off some stocks so I can Pack my Hummer full of Prostitutes and Drive to Vegas! Maybe hook up with Charlie Sheen.

Seriously folks, I just got back from my wholesaler, and since June of 2010, I’ve been watching the price of flour rise. Between the massive crop failures in Russia, severe weather patters of frost and snow across the globe, and the rising cost of Petroleum, my flour cost has doubled. Cheese is also on the rise, its gone up at least 35{2bcc608746b8120fea6644f9ae3522f13f10aa6a77c573f716eef1394619f5d9} in the last three months, and produce, thank god I buy as local as I can from my man Dan (of Dan’s Fresh Produce), is still costing a Shit ton! Where else can these rising costs go but to the consumer.

As a small business, I don’t yet have the buying power of a larger company, and we all got bills to pay. We’ve all been feeling it at the Pumps, and despite Shorty running on mostly Bio-Diesel, that too is staying competitive. Today I saw at a 76 station their #2 Diesel was $4.21 a gallon, surpassing Bio-Fuel for the first time since I’ve been buying it. Last time I filled up at Bio Fuel Oasis it was running $4.17 a gallon. Shorty has two tanks, and I’m not actually sure how much it costs to Fill these days, I already know I can’t afford it. So I just get enough for the week, and drive it as little as I can.

So, I hope this does not deter you from coming out this month and all months to get your hands on some of the Best Wood Fired Pizza in East Oakland. You can check the upcoming schedule of Events here on my site to stay on top of all the latest news and views from Fist of Flour Pizza Company.

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