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Shorty is finally gettin some Love, come April

Man, before i know it I will have already owned my lil yellow schoolbus for a year. Its been 7 months, so I guess it still feels new. That new car smell is long gone, however. Even the plywood smell has faded from the benches I installed last fall. The Curtains, made of Felt (I think), and held up with magnets have started to discolor as well, so its time to pretty up Lil Shorty.

We’re going to start with removing the remaining gunk left behind from the Durham days, and Buff and polish up the exterior as much as we can. I’ve already scrubbed the crap out of it with this water broom thing that turns your ordinary garden hose into a Powerful car washing tool! Got a head for the Siding on the house too, but I’m afraid its going to blow the paint off. I can’t possibly take on that project yet, painting a house is a big ol pain. Besides, I have a business to run here, no time to be a responsible adult at home too…

If theres any life left in that yellow paint then we’ll make it shine. Then, we’ll yank the bumpers, paint em, and mask off all of the Black stuff on the van, and change it to red. We’ll dress up the Stock steel rims too with some more red paint, and classic Rally style Chrome rings. If I can find some Deep dish center caps in the style of full moons I will so get those, but they gotta go over these massive hubs, I guess the ends of the Axle, friggin huge. Maybe I have to make a trip to Camping World out in Vacaville. I dunno. Maybe paint the grille and the door step, and whatever else we can touch up. I’m going to have to hold off on painting the truck black like i dreamed a while back, its going to cost too much. We will hit the roof with some bright white though, to try and reduce the heat buildup in the summers. A lot of the new shortys come white top standard, so it must help.

Once all the accenting is done, I’m going to bring back the schoolbus style lettering, and mask it off and spray it on for now. Then once it is time to actually paint this thing it won’t be so much work removing another set of vinyl letters. I’ve got a new roll of frisk film and a bunch more cans of Montana Gold Shock Red, Shock Black, and some white too, so I’m ready to touch up the trailer at the same time. Its gotten all dinged up. I think its been fired some 20 times since then, and everything I shove in and out of that bed goes Clank against part of the subframe and chips away the black. I’m ready to get some diamond plate armour for it and just call it a day, umm hmm.

Here’s a mock up of the next look for the bus. For all you font nerds out there, the Side lettering is Brush Script, and Univers 67 bold condensed with a 140{2bcc608746b8120fea6644f9ae3522f13f10aa6a77c573f716eef1394619f5d9} stretch on it to give it the tall black letter look for the front and back. I couldn’t find quite a suitable match so i tweaked it to make it work…

Mock up of van paint ideas

I hope to have all this done by the summertime, when I hope we’ll be out and about all over town struttin our stuff.

Check the calendar page for all the latest events and hapenings here at Fist of Flour.

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