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So when is the Doughjo Opening?

Man, oh man, I have to tell you all I am overwhelmed with the supportive response we’ve been getting from neighbors, passers by, internet fans, and random phone callers. Which by the way, my cell phone is the phone number that has been associated with our mobile business. I am not answering my phone right now for unrecognized numbers. I encourage voice mail messages if you are truly needing to get a hold of me, I will call you back.

I have been “working” with the the local monopoly to get an actual land line at the new space, and its harder than you’d think. We will be getting a new Phone number for orders and making some menu/flyers for the neighborhood, but I can’t go to print until the monopoly confirms the new number. Perhaps if I hadn’t cut all the existing cables in there beforehand, I wouldn’t need a technician to come out and run another line from the box. All that stuff had to go. Period. So I’m sorting that out Wednesday morning. Tuesday (tomorrow) is going to be fun. Every piece of equipment is getting a massage with happy ending, starting at 8 am. Every floor tile is being scraped off of leftover paint, every nook and cranny polished, because all the walls are now covered in stainless steel. We can polish crannies.

The next few days are critical. We have our Health inspection this Wednesday 1/8/14, and that will determine if I followed directions closely or not, and will help determine our much anticipated opening date (which is what this post was supposed to be about). Several friends advised me to have a preliminary inspection with what was there, and they were solid advisers. I think we’ve hit everything on the report, and we should be ready to open by mid January as planned. As of this date (1/6/14) I cannot legally say when we’ll be open. All I know is I’ve done everything I could to make this happen. We’re going to open on time, not quite “finished,” but thats Ok with me. Some stuff is still being made, some little details are still being worked out. F*&k it. The kitchen is 95{2bcc608746b8120fea6644f9ae3522f13f10aa6a77c573f716eef1394619f5d9} fully operational, and I’m ready to Cook!

As some of you know We’ve been working almost non-stop since late October 2013 when we took over Roma Pizza. I want you all to now close your eyes, and imagine a different landscape. One that has been transformed by the basics: cleaning, painting, a little interior decorating, and a whole lotta focus on the food! To clarify, The Doughjo as it is now officially known by will be a take-away establishment, focused on call-in and online ordering, with walk-in pickup. We will not have tables to sit at for Dine-in service, but we will have some really nice counter tops for you to stand at and grab a slice or a Stromboli, maybe a salad too. I’m still sourcing red leather bar stools, so there will be some “seating” eventually. We gotta start small and build up. I’d rather spend money on our ingredients than a driver and fuel costs to be quite honest. Besides there’s services now that can do the delivery for us, so we will consider that too…

Laurel District prepare for liftoff! The countdown begins, T-Minus 10 days and counting…

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