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Soon, Shorty will be Painted, dates have been set for a major overhaul

Yup, i finally got enuff scrilla together to send Shorty off to the Body shop, and I’ve once again talked my friend Pete into helping me out with this tremendous task. He and his new shop down on the peninsula will be lending a hand the weekend of May 20th. We’ll start right here in the driveway, just like the Pizza oven did, only this time, we’ll take the van apart, as much as we can, and still be able to drive it across the bridge. Strip it down to just the body, do the few areas we need to do with primer, get all the bumpers ready, and Make the final color scheme decisions.

There’s a couple small creases in the fender that I could live with but Pete says “no way man, we’re gonna do that shit up right,” so he’s going to bring a buddy out with him to straighten it all out for us, and touch up a few more little spots. Overall for as big and tall as it is, its a pretty straight fiberglass and metal shell. Its freaking solid man. I think I want to add a new diamond Plate floor to the Step up on the passenger side, or at least paint it red as well. I think the bumpers, wheels, side trim, and grill should be a deep red. Kinda remniscent of the A-Team. Let’s hear it for the 80’s Van. The roof should be White, for reflecting heat, but looking at my Comps, maybe we should take the black all the way up and taper the white back, so you can’t see it. Definitely Flat black body, and to keep some of the yellow, I think Bringing back the old school lettering on the side with yellow will be a nice touch.

I made up a few comps again from the first photos I took of Shorty, right after I got it home. I don’t have that spare tire anymore on the back, and the new tires look a lot better. I’m adding chrome rally rings to the red painted wheels for sure. The colors are close, but off a bit, but you get the idea. maybe its too much? I’ll let Pete help me work this all out . Time for some upscale Branding, starting with the Towing Vehicle. Stay tuned. Unveiling June 11th in the Temescal, details TBA…

these are just mock ups…Click on the images to make them larger

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