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Stage one complete! Optimus Primetime! the Oven frame awaits concrete!

Well it took about 20+ man hours to weld together the steel sub-frame for the Pizza oven. HUGE HUGE thanks to my buddy Norm, who pulled it all together and gave me two long days of his, simply because he was into it. (and I heard he likes Pizza too!) I totally underestimated the amount of time it would take to assemble the beast. I mean, I got everything cut to spec, its just welding right? Wrong.

Prepping the trailer for final assembly

Day two, in SF for the final assembly and welding to the trailer. This won’t take long… Wrong again. Another full day of cutting, welding, grinding, fitting, lifting, knocking, and dropping. Only one trip to home depot, and a stop at a local hardware store this time, and 11 hours later I was driving back across the Bridge to the home base with a welded frame and sub-frame ready to bolt on.

Ready to take er home

Along the way we decided it would be best if the oven slab could be removed from the sub-frame, if it ever needed to be. To make that work, we’d have to add in corner braces and plates, and some of the biggest freaking bolts you’ve seen. at like $10 a piece they were no joke. Grade 8 Steel! Bam! That shit ain’t going nowhere.

Corner plate with cross beam and 5/8

Yesterday I had a chance to sand it all down, and hit it with a little automotive primer, but I only had one can, so I gotta get a little more to finish the underside before I go and fill it with concrete. I should get that sorted out this week, and we’re on our way to having a rolling pizza oven by mid July!

Raised and primed

Stay tuned as the building continues this month here at FOF! a full photo gallery is coming with more pics from the construction. you can Subscribe to this Blog and get an RSS Feed update right in your browser, just look to the right sidebar for the link.

You can also join the mailing list by clicking here, and get the latest information on Firings and happenings here at the test kitchen. Get on the list now, and receive mobile updates once we’re up and running! Get ready, Cuz I’m coming this summer to a street near you!

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