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Stage two complete! The oven is built – awaiting coordinates

Well, my little blog here has been pretty quiet the last few days, and with good reason. As some of you already know (from the thread below) that the trailer had been awaiting concrete, “had” being the operative word here. For days now, my hands, and the surface of my driveway has been covered in various quantities of Lumnite MG, Sand, Gravel, rocks, Plastic cement, Darjit, Paint, water, and more dirty tools than you can shake a trowel at. The work is now almost complete. The final decorations and clean up can now happen. I’m still deciding on the final color and tile treatment. I may do a little mosaic on the outside corners of the floor, and the trailer needs a proper scrub down before the Big day! it’s filth-flarn filthy I tell ya!

The first decoration - o nthe chimney

A new wait has been placed on my shoulders, three weeks, actually 19 days and counting until Stage Three, Ignition! can begin. Looking ahead into July, and just to be safe, I will wait until 7/9 to Turn on! That seems an appropriate day to launch the rolling firedome off into the great outdoors. 21+ days should be plenty of time to dry all the various layers out enough to be totally stable. Plus I need time to get it lookin pretty, and build the mobile arsenal of items I’ll need to haul around. Then the real work begins.

This is the second oven I’ve built now outside of the class, and once again, it would not have been possible without the support of my partner Nadia, and the small crew I assembled this time to make it all happen – Norm for the weldin, Steve for the interior layers and outer layers (sorry bout your mud in the eye incident) and myself! Everyone came together, and now I’ve got a huge beast of an oven sitting on the driveway. Lets just hope i can pull it off…the driveway that is…oy vey.

Yes its true, I have not tried to even move it yet, or lift it, or anything. I am really hoping that the last minute change up in floor design saves my ass, and my little 4-banger S-10 from total meltdown. I shed at least 400 lbs of concrete slab, and swapped it out for about 65 lbs. of Insulation floorboards. I kept the layers of cement at their utmost minimums, scary thin in a few places. But we shall see. if it cracks, then we patch it. Shit, its still hella thick as a brick. It’s going to be fine. Unless I can’t make it out the driveway. We’ll be filming the maiden voyage in the event something amazing happens. Maybe i can win a stupidest videos award and pay back all the damages. Or, it will glide with grace and style out onto the pavement, and I will take it to its first stop, a potential Pizza party on the peninsula, in my buddy’s driveway. I’m waiting for that to be confirmed.

So, that’s it, in a blog shell. The mobile oven is now drying and awaiting final decorations. I am now currently booking private parties of 25 pizzas or more and would be happy to speak with you about your next event! Any time after the 11th of July, its on baby!

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