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Steel steel, glorious steel! The trailer begins this week!

Well I just got back from Alco Metals over here in San Leandro, and placed my order for the Oven floor frame/base! My order will be ready for pickup in about an hour from now, so I’m psyched to say the least. Let’s just hope i measured everything correctly. As you can see from the design, its pretty straight forward. A box on a box, ta-da!

Final Schematic

So I’ve got my welder all lined up for this weekend, I’ve inquired about Body work and repainting with another buddy. I’m looking into Isolation pads to go underneath the oven floor that can withstand high temperatures and keep the oven from cracking up while we drive it around town. I’ve gotten a couple good leads so far, looking for sheet Silicon or some kind of rubber mats. I may try to make my own molds and use up a few tubes of Silicon caulking to make the pads. I dunno, that may not work, but could be fun to try.

So hopefully come early June, the construction can begin on the oven itself. And you can bet we’ll be having a few “fundraisers” here in the next couple weeks to keep this project on track. Stay tuned as the work continues here at FOF!

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