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The Events mailing list is workin!

Woo hoo! Post #2, and the mailing list service is up and running. Now all we need are subscribers. Click here! to join our Events list for FREE!

The first event will happen sometime in the near future. As soon as we get our first fist full of people, we’ll have a party to celebrate. Plus, I’m waiting till I perfect my techniques, and am able to get 3 pies in there at the same time! Whoa! Right now, I can handle two at a time, but the crusts are still getting torched on the edges. Everything else is going well though.

This past Sunday, I kicked out 5 different pies for a couple friends and they were pretty tasty. Mixed it up a bit with some Greek Feta and Black olives, fresh garlic and pepperoni, and a heart shaped crust for V-day. We also cooked some full meals alongside the flatties. The good ol cast iron skillet was employed to bring some Japanese sweet potatoes and Sausages to crisp up while we watched and waited for the fire to get hotter for pizzas. After the pies came out, We tossed in the dutch oven and roasted a small broiler chicken, and an assortment of potatoes yams, carrots, and onions. Oh man. Serious tastiness. The bird was fall-off-the-bone done in about 80 minutes, and golden delicious. The taters sat open-faced alongside the big-red Martha and got just as golden delicious. (the big-red Martha is my cast iron dutch oven, from the Martha Stewart collection. it was on sale, what can I say? can’t afford Le Creuset…) There was still some room in between the two pots for a couple pepperoni/mushroom strombolis, long folded over pizza pockets. I guess they are open-ended calzones, almost an Italian burrito so to speak. Those made a great lunch the next day.

Pics to come soon.

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