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Time slips, but dont trip, the future is just around the corner

It’s approaching 7:20 on a Tuesday night, my night off. Not really possible being self employed. The term night off simply means nothing to cook for anyone tonight. Sweet, time to reflect on the moment. Today’s moment focuses on a new commercial kitchen space I’m considering renting, and it represents the next level of our business here. It already sounds good and I’m hoping it all works. If it does, the next level can begin. Sure its only the first space I’ve seen, but its got everything we need to move this little operation forward, and I think my partner/friend, well really I’m the partner friend, I think we both think this is the one little nugget thats gonna propel us both in a favorable direction, at least for the next year. I sure hope so, I’m ready to do this.

This weekend proved to me that what I’m doing as a business model is correct. It feels right, more right than a lot of things I’ve tried have felt. Its a lot more tiring than I imagined, and I have seen my day of “working” all night parties, being the last man standing with a broom and a half empty beer close by. This is different. I feel like I’m connecting with people a bit, with them seeing their food being made. I know, its just “pizza” out on the streets, But people are seriously trippin when they see whats going in, the fascination with watching their pizza being pulled from the proofing bin, slapped around, tossed up and down, and stretched to fluffy perfection by hand. Ready to receive those wet, juicy organic tomatoes, the whole milk mozzarella, and the meats and organic veggies, damn. Then its tossed into a 950° wood burning pizza oven. If you are quiet, you can hear the dough squeal as it cooks! Like a little pig.

Pigs rule, by the way. All the best meats for pizza come from pigs as far as I know. Sure there are exceptions, like well, like, umm. Pepperoni, Sausage, salamis, hmm. ok maybe you can mix in a little beef here and there but for the most part, pork is where its at. It on our menus, hope you like it! Find us in your neighborhood

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