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Well its about time

This may come as a shock to some of you, but it is now official, I got my Business License today from the City of Oakland, and I’m pretty excited. Its been about a year and three months now since I first had this crazy little idea to put a big old pile of cement on a trailer, and drive it from place to place making pizzas. I wasn’t really sure where this road was going to take me, but I figured I’d get there one day. Today is officially the beginning of a new career for me. I’m still keeping my day job as a Graphic Designer and Photographer, but will begin to focus more on launching my new boat into the 21st century.

Starting with applying for some festivals and other Farmer’s markets. For months now people have been asking me “Why don’t you go here?” or “Why can’t you come to ours?” or “Did you hear about the new market on xx?” We are pretty lucky here as a population with so many options. Why there are currently 44 known Farmer’s markets happening in the east bay alone, with 12 of those happening right here in Oakland. Yes, 12. That’s One more than there are time Zones in Russia folks, that’s right, 11 time zones. 11. ($3.00 off a whole pie if anyone can tell me the 11 reference here at my next event)

12 markets, all right here, in every part of our great city. I figure I can do at least 2 or maybe three of them, If I clone myself. But I bet two is pretty reasonable, and as seasons change I can move around the city too. I still won’t be able to legally pop up somewhere and serve Pies until the city changes and widens its ordinances. It may just happen within the next year. Its already in the works and I’ve been sitting in on meetings, so my voice and my idea will get in there, I hope. I know that my exact situation may not change too, so I am looking to the future of Shorty. IF I raise the roof on the bus to a minimum height of 6’2″, and follow all the County health regulations for building a Food truck, I Can one day pull up and open the window and turn on the fans, and serve pizza like i first thought. That’s probably $20K in the future, and at a few bucks a slice, I got time to plan…

For now, I’m a caterer, and will focus my efforts on getting more private gigs, hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean? We can take our setup just about anywhere you’ve got a 10 foot by 16 foot space outside. I’ve gotten quite good at putting the trailer where it needs to go. I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered it, but man I’ve gotten better no doubt. The fire is completely contained in the oven, and only smokes during the first 20 or so minutes of the pre-heat. If there’s no weather to contend with we can reduce our footprint to a sidewalk in front of your abode. If there’s room there’s wood-fired Pizza!

In the meantime, I want to apply for the Downtown Old Oakland Market next. it happens every friday from 9-2, and last time I looked there were no pizza vendors there so, it may be perfect. We’ll see if there’s a wait list. I haven’t actually called them yet, but getting there. I have their contact info right here too, but one step at a time. I will continue on at the Laurel Market on Saturdays from 10-2, this weekend excluded for health reasons, but that’s my regular stop for sure. Right here in our neighborhood, just up the road from La Placita and my house, what could be better? a few more people perhaps, but summer’s coming and people will be getting out more. The OFC is getting involved in more community building this year, things are happening all over, and the word is getting out.

pizza to the people. James

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