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What the heck is going on here? Busy busy at Fist of Flour!

Hi folks, its been ages since i last blogged. To be honest I simply haven’t had the time. There’s been a lot of activity to say the least. Perhaps you’ve heard of our new group here in Oakland called the O.M.F.G., or Oakland Mobile Food group. Its an organization of artisan street vendors working together to create food pods and street food scenes here in Oakland. We recently got clearance to crate a street food scene at the back end of the Oakland Coluseum for all Raiders home games. Our Kick off event was good with 5 vendors including Tacos Zamorano, Guerilla Grub, myself and the Oaktown Jerk, plus Guatemalan Barbeque. Real food for real fans. I think the next pre-season Game against the Saints on August 28th will be a lot better, and we’ll see a lot more craziness! I’m looking forward to it!

Check this out, the Gorilla-Rilla got up on the Guerilla Grub Truck at the kickoff Pre-season game!

Fall is shaping up nicely. Speaking of shape, I was standing out in front of Sacred Wheel Cheese shop this past Sunday and I was readying my Dough for the days’ Pizza. It was still early, drinking my coffee, and I was managing to get 32 pieces set up in the proofing trays. As I was doing this, a woman walked by casually, kinda looked down, and said, I Like your Balls. For once i was speechless. It caught me off guard, and well this obvious sense of awkwardness came over me, as if i was 13 again. I said, why, ahh hem, thank you! true freakin story…

The Indian summer is full up with weekend events, and I think I’m ready to buy my first full cord of almond firewood from Steve Sims. I think I have the room to stack it all. I’ve already dusted a cord this summer, possibly 2 cords this year already. This sure isn’t last year. Lots of wood these days! I remember it seemed like it took forever to burn off my first quarter cord of wood back in march of 2010. Now I can dust that in a couple weeks. I swear I just loaded a 1/2 cord down the driveway, and I’m lookin at my pile o wood and saying damn, gotta reorder again! Well woe is me, business is hoppin, summer is winding down and fall is just ramping up. Notable events I’m excited about include the Oakland Art Murmur for September 2nd, and Oaktoberfest in the Dimond District, coming October 16th. If we play it right we’ll be there for the first time this year alongside OMFG Vendors. Sweet, Beer and pizza, who knew?

Well Beer Revolution of Course! Some of you may know that Mondays are becoming more a regular stop for us, and you are more likely to catch us there out near the porch. Its one of the best places to hang out during a Bay area sunset in the Indian summer, and on Mondays, Man, great place to shake it off with a cold pint and a table of friends.

I believe there will be a lot of nice treats coming this Fall, with local brewers and happening spots in and around Oakland. Check our calendar of events frequently and follow us on the facecrack or twitter @fistofflour.

See you at the next burn

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