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Whats new at FOF – trailer designs, a new bellows, and Summertime Rolls

Hello all, its been a long time since I just sat down and posted some news. So here goes.

The month of May has been exciting here. I upgraded some of my tools for the oven.

I got a new 3 foot long log poker for those hard to reach spots in the back of the cavern. I got a little metal hoe to help push them around, and nice iron hooks to hang em on! Sweet. No more reaching all the way in there to rotate them big ones, and no more using the broom as a hoe. Its all burned up now, almost time for a new one.

But these small things pale in comparison to my brand new, hand made custom Bellows.

Handmade custom wood, twin valve 8

So I’m super psyched to try this bad boy out! It took over two weeks to have it ordered and delivered. I think its going to prove worth the wait. I’ve been using a plastic foot pump from one of our numerous summer blow up toys, and it’s pretty beaten down. It burns really easy, and thats been a problem. Now with this Oak and leather beast I should be able to get the oven up and running in no time! Twin valve! DOUBLE THE FUN!

So with new tools and a trailer in the works, FOF is on its way to becoming a mobile reality. I’m working with a friend to help put the trailer’s base together, starting maybe next week! Once we get that together, it will take a little over 3 weeks to get the oven built, cured, and ready for Firing! In the meantime, Summer is almost upon us, and I’m planning to have a few Pizza and movie nights here at the test kitchen. We’ll get the projector and screen all set up, and serve up some summer goodness. Perhaps I’ll see you here!

stay tuned for updates as the building begins!

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