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whew, lots of Summer Fun last night!

Ohh my head. Well maybe one too many summer fun shots were had (thx Rob for keepin me hydrated!) if you were here last night, then you know, it was hittin for realz. I have to say that the Dough was some of the best, texturally, I think I’ve ever made, velvet love to be sure. It was soo stretchy and soft, plus it Puffed up over an inch in a lot of places. If you stayed for the end, then you also gobbled down some delicious Galettes. The blueberry won hands down, but the apple one lived long enough to become breakfast today! (and its almost better cold with a cup of coffee!) it was the first time I tried baking a pastry in the oven. Other than needing to pay a little more attention to that, versus talking and drinking, it went very well. golden deliciousness.

But a huge thanks must be given to everyone who came to help me out! Super Much appreciated, glad you could come and show support for my latest venture on a sunday night! We had so much fun I forgot to get the movie going, oops. well, we can watch it next time.

Oh, when is that you ask? why its this coming Saturday, June 26th. 6:30 pm till late. $20 donations accepted for an all you can stomach event of magnanimous proportions! Bring your own favorite beverage, or something to mix with Fresh Lemons and Pelligrino! menu tba.

How do I get invited? Simply click here and join the mailing list, or check out my profile on facebook, and RSVP to the event there. If its your first time here, you’ll need to get the address, location, and details from me via email. I do not publicly list my address, and everyone gets invited! So, get on out there and join today! Hope to see you all here!

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