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Wow, what a week

hello friends, well indeed what a week. Three different outings, 100+ pizzas and one sore ass mutha F….in set of hands. The B.O.B. Fest was a lot of fun yesterday. Man those kids sure know how to party. Up till 4 am Saturday (sunday morning), back upright at 2 pm for more drinking, moshing and noshing over at Linden St. Brewery to wrap up a week of what sounded like unabashed binge drinking! Kudos to you all, may you sleep today. Many thanks to the hungry pie holes we filled over the last few days. Glad you enjoyed our Punk inspired creations. the Cheesus Fucking Slice probably did the best on Easter Sunday, why Zombie Jesus was there! he told me himself, several times it was the best! So we got that going for us, which is nice.

But this week was nothing, compared to the onslaught I hope to get next weekend at the Annual Fruitvale Cinco De Mayo celebration, yes a few days early, but its on baby. This is going to be huge.

You can find Fist of Flour on Fruitvale Blvd at the corner of E 16th (between International and Foothill). Look for the yellow short bus and our red signs.

If you’ve never come to this one, I do suggest taking BART straight there to the Fruitvale Station, and walk up the block to International. Fist of Flour will be serving up two Pies for the Festival goers with a Latin flair.

For the Meat eaters I have been working with an independent source for some Chorizo sausage for our “Fruitvale” special, with Corn, Pasilla pepper pureé and Cilantro, red sauce and mozzarella. For the vegetarians, we will do the same with Mushrooms instead of Chorizo. And when i do the shopping I may change my mind and come up with something else along those lines. We will also try to kick out several Cheese pizzas for the little ones. So mark them calendars and get in line! bring the whole family this Sunday to the Fruitvale.

Update 4/26, I juist got word that the Farmers will not be attending our little market this Saturday, a new little farmer is on the way, so lets wish them Luck this weekend. So I too will stay back and work in the kitchen, getting ready for Sunday and recovering from Friday night…

See you over the weekend!

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