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15 Pies out the door at BYO #2!

Well the second installment of the BYO party series went off, and up in smoke! We had the oven going full blast from 3:30 till about 8:30 that evening. The UC student protests delayed some attendees, blocking the freeways and bridge systems, but that did not deter die hard pizza lovers! By 7:30 we were in full swing with a record number of 10 guests! That’s a 2/3 increase from the last event, which is Sweet! That’s measurable growth! Incredible. If I can keep this momentum going, we may have that mobile trailer built before the summer’s end, and my plans can be realized to their fullest! Aaaahhhhh ah aha ah ahhaa…

I can’t wait till the warmer weather starts to show up around here though. It was sooo cold last night, I had to pull out the trusty backyard fire pit and get a second blaze going to keep everyone warm. It’s easy for me, standing at the doorway of the oven all night, it stays a toasty 400 degrees or so at the entrance, and gives off a nice amount of heat. Having it on a smaller, enclosed deck area also helps, all that radiant heat bounces off the walls and keeps the whole area nice. I have to wear short sleeve tshirts or else I overheat, even in winter! And in the daytime, OMG all the summer parties will be at or after sunset, you can bet on that….

Well another successful event here at FOF. Maybe the guests will post some pics for me and I can repost them here. who knows. its all a blur.

See you at the next event!

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