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The Oakland BOB Fest 2011 begins tomorrow night, Linden St. Brewerey

Hello friends and fans, I don’t get too many early week gigs, but This week is an exception. This Tuesday April 19th kicks off the Oakland BOB Fest 2011 with a good ol fashioned Pub Crawl and Benefit for Steve Chinn. Tuesday night is free to attend, and the rest of the weeks’ event is a ticketed event and you need to purchase laminates or tickets for each show. Visit the website link above to get laminate and ticket info sorted! (thx for the correction Paula!)

Steve Chinn Benefit information

The Opening Party kicks off at 5pm, in Jack London Square at Heinold’s First & Last Chance Saloon with JAKE HOUT, meandering over to Merchants for ENYA & BEN HOUT @ 6pm, sauntering over to Beer Revolution for BILL COLLINS @ 7pm, and ending the evening at Linden Street Brewery (8pm).

Fist of Flour will be out vending in the Linden St. Brewery Parking lot at 7:30 pm, ready to serve the Drunken hooligans and punx all night long! We’ll feature a Pepperoni and Mushroom for the meat eaters, and for the Vegetarians, we’ll serve up the Protesto, with Provolone Cheese, Potato slices and house made Pesto. Plus Cheese only, or Cheeseless veggie pies also available (not with Pesto). San Pellegrino Limon or Arncatas also on hand if you get tired of Pizza and Linden St. BEER!~ woo hoo!

For your Entertainment at Linden St. Brewery, Punx ‘Live’ Karaoke w/SONIC REDUCERS & STEVE CHINN BENEFIT FUNDRAISER & RAFFLE (see BOB Fest home page for DONOR LIST). And the BOB Art Show Opening night, on display at Linden St through the Festival Week.

Parents, please note, 21+ for the pub crawl and Linden Brewery is an all ages event.

Check out the BOB Fest website for all related show information, and check us out again on April 24th, for the closing Party at Linden St. Brewerey.

sunday flyer

Fist of FLour will serve up a different menu and also offer a mixed green salad, combo for a special price! Alongside FOF will be Guerilla Grub, serving up some kind of Yummy sandwiches from their Pushcart. Check their site for their menu as the time approaches. Sunday April 24th from 2-6 pm at the Linden st. Brewery. Hope to see you all there.

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