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Lunchtime is On! Small & successful Launch Lunch!

Well the crowd was small, the oven was hot, and we made some afternoon delight! Ok maybe that’s gross, I dunno, I’d say it was a success! Gave the oven a test run with real people. (Not that everyone who’s already been here before isn’t real…)

These Firings are gonna beat it out of me, that’s for sure. The day started like any other day, when all of a sudden… I had to chop some new kindling for the day’s cooking. I was feeling pressed for time, It was nearing 10 am, and I still hadn’t started the oven. This thing is massive, a small village could live inside the 3 foot diameter cooking/fire area. It’s also about 6-8″ thick in a lot of places, so it takes a good two plus hours of roaring fire to bring it online. I gotta burn a lot of wood first and get a good bed of coals going. 10:40 and the fire is set, lit and the day has begun.

I make everything as freshly as I can. I prep the dough the night before, and let it sit overnight in proofing bins. If I need to I’ll make a fresh batch of sauce, but it keeps well in the fridge so I usually have some on hand. I chop all the toppings, I grate the cheese, and yeah, you get the idea. My Capricorn nature forces me to put everything into labeled tupperwares for the day’s usage, so I’m raring to go when 12:30 rolls around. Go time.

this is what Go Time looks like!

In case you were wondering what Go Time looked like, there it is… Got the temp well up above 700 for a while, and found the sweet spot. It was time to send in the first wave. Being a small party, this was more like a ripple, but Sparky was Stoked!

The first official Pie! ready to fry!

Cookin away, the oven was totally ready to do more for the people, but alas, there were no more people to serve, until I got attacked by a Squidcannon! An old friend made it out and placed his order, “Gimme the pepperoni deluxe,” he said. “No problem,” I replied…

Pie #2 up for firing! 12 minutes elapsed, and viola, another satisfied Squidcannon!

Another happy Squidcannon diffused by the Fist!

Last but not least, another good old friend made it out, Darkat, and ordered the same, Pepperoni mushroom deluxe, “Comin right up!” Wait man, let it cool a bit!

ohh, thats a hot one!

Well, we cranked out 9 pies this afternoon, plus once the coals got cooled down a bit, I made a bunch of little garlic, parmesan, and fresh basil rolls. They’re kinda dense, but they taste good. Ok, maybe this item is still in the R&D department. mmm eating one right this second as I type…

Did you miss today’s event because you didn’t get the email invite in time? Click here to join the events list today!

A bit breaddy, but not bad...

Dinner for Me!

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