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More December Dates for Fist of Flour Pizza Co. In Oakland

HI all, well we just wrapped up a double header at the Institute of Mosaic Art this past weekend, serving up 5 different Pizza choices for the residents and visitors of Jingletown during the Holiday Art Walk. Despite the crappy weather, people came out and collectively gobbled up some 43 pizzas over the course of the weekend. So I’d have to say it was a success. So much so in Fact, that the IMA has invited me back for next weekend, thus adding one more chance this December for you to experience wood fired pizza on wheels, parked for a number of hours, of course….

The brand new Fruitvale Special

Saturday December 11, 11am till 2 pm, at the Institute of Mosaic Art Courtyard. 3001 Chapman St. Meat and vegetarian options always available, rotating menus to be announced via our email list. You should join now if you are not already on it, by the way. Follow the Bright Red Arrows and signs to the Side gate. Hang out in the courtyard and check out the big mural or sneak a peek at one of the ongoing classes, roam the hallway and enjoy the Mosaic gallery, or get information on taking a class yourself. Unlock your inner artist while you feed your outer belly! Don’t need the classes? Mosaic Studio Supply, the onsite/online store is Open from 10 am till 5 pm, and they stock everything you need to DIY and get cracking! Its Awesome. Come on down and check it out!

December 15th, 5 pm till 9 pm, at Knit-One-One 3360 Adeline St. near the Oakland Berkeley Border. Fist of flour will be out front of Knit-One-One serving hot meat and vegetarian slices during the Holiday Craft Fair. 12 different vendors will be set up inside the studio selling their wares for the season. Handmade unique gifts for everyone and hand spun Pizzas like you’ve never had before! The perfect combination to finish off the Wednesday work day!

Sadly, that’s all we know about at this time. If you or someone you know is interested in booking Fist of Flour for their next party, there’s never been a better time to contact us. 2011 is just around the corner and as the year draws to a close, the Holiday Party at your office would be the best way to tell your staff how much you care! What better way to end the first decade of the 21st Century than with a good old fashioned hand made cooking apparatus in your driveway or off-street parking lot? Where will You be this holiday season, and where will I? Only you can decide!

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