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Saturday and Sunday this weekend in The Laurel and Fruitvale

Hi Folks, that’s right, Double trouble for super bowl weekend! Fist of Flour will be out Both days so you can get your Game On! We’ll be stopping in two neighborhoods for lunchtime, with different Pizzas each day.

What? you don’t have time to go out? Well, why not Text me your orders ahead of time? That’s right, Starting a half hour before I “open” each day, you can start texting your orders directly to my mobile device, and I will text you back with confirmation and Pickup times. You can also say, I’d like to come at 1pm, or whatever time you like, as long as you get a confirmation from me, your order has been placed and will be Fired just before you come to get it!

But, where’s your Phone number you ask? Ahh, gotta join my mailing list to get that, or be a little more resourceful. I won’t post it Here again.

The only things missing here are the Sun and YOU!

Saturday, you can catch me at the Laurel District Community Farmer’s Market. 4200 MacArthur Blvd. in the Giant Burger parking lot. This is my regular spot, here every Saturday from 11am-2 pm, always serving up at least two different Pizza choices, one meat, and one veggie, and Cheese only for the kids (no green stuff)! Menu is still TBA, but I have Hot Italian sausage and a mound of lovely Shitake Mushrooms, so those will be in play for sure. I may just wait till JP Organics shows up to choose the Veggie Pie this week!

Mmm fresh from the Oven, ready for Pickup!

Sunday Sunday Sunday! Yes the annual Super Bowl is happening this Sunday. So, we will be set up down in Jingletown all morning long, from about 10:30 till I run out, making Football shaped Pizzas in honor of this truly American pastime! At the Institute of Mosaic Art courtyard, 3001 Chapman st. 10:30 till 2:30 or till I run out. I think a three cheese pie is in order for those rooting for Green Bay. And for my Dad’s hometown team, an Iron City delight is in the works for the Meat eaters! Probably some combination of two very yummy favorites, pepperoni and ???? Come down on Sunday morning to get your Pregame Orders in and get back home in time for Kickoff!

Go team, eat Pizza!

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